Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Fool

The Fool- The Fool stands for each of us as we begin our journey of life. He is a fool because only a simple soul has the innocent faith to undertake such a journey with all its hazards and pain.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Empress

I had fun doing the background. More symbolism here. The fruit = Fertility and womanhood. The Heart = Feminity. The Braid = Feminity and Complexity. The Crossed fingers = women can not be trusted and yes, that was intentional.

Ace of Cups

I know I know it's upside down. However, look at the birds. They arent. The Ace of Cups symbolizes longing. Longing for what? I think the most important thing people long for is freedom. Not freedom as in Abraham Lincoln but freedom from themselves and the expectations of society and the world. The long to be part and belong and feel connected and thus the feathers tied to the wolf. Not alot of people feel connected anymore so they go to extraordinary lengths to incorporate themselves into anything that will take them. For some it is drugs or gangs. For me it is my art and in that I feel connected.


This is the Death Card. The wheat ear he is holding is a Muslim superstition in that horses who have the wheat ear on their chest ( the way the hair grows ) is usually a sign of bad luck. Also, wheat and the autumn leaves signify in general the closing of the year and harvest time. Harvest time ( typically October ) holds one of the greatest traditions for spirits aka All Hallows Eve. The symbol on the flag is from a traditional Waite Tarot deck. I thought the skull with the live wolf body was important to show. I may touch up the fur later but I am overall very pleased with this.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Paladin

This was my freehanded character and some fun with Photoshop Brushes. I love Photoshop 7 but I also like ArtRage which i own a license to. This work was a bit fun to do actually.

Whore of Babylon

The bible has great imagery.

Grom will Crush! Hulk Smash!

Work in Progress....cant wait to do his slobber

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What I am looking for and Who I am....

By request..... A Basic Guide to Raebugificus Weirdicus Rex I'm an artist/ professional illustrator who is published, the book is called a Dolphin's Tale by Richard Blake and it's available on Amazon; who likes Larp ,Wow, Movies and having all sorts of fun. I like reptiles and animals. i love to travel....i like seeing different places. Know thyself. That should be a law...somewhere. Did you know i like tarantulas? They are so creepy and cool! I like swimming and bike riding. I hope to be involved in endurance riding sometime in the near future with Paso Finos. ....but i like to bike ride and swim. i role play online in a game called Werewolf the Apocalypse...i am also a professional illustrator that is actually working. I am also working on illustrating a werewolf tarot deck of my own design. Huzzah for me. I’m really good at Drawing. Painting. Ceramics. I paint the most beautiful ceramic bowls ,I am good at dealing with animals....and Live action Role playing...heh. and kissing.I love to laugh. That is so important. How can you love if you can't laugh. The first thing(s) people usually notice about me my very green eyes and my sense of humor. How i am smart and yet so judgmental. Kind yet cruel. Funny but occasionally overwhelmingly serious. Damn, i hate being a Gemini. My favorite books are the Talisman by Steven King and Peter Straub, Conversations with God, and last but not least The Alchemist, i love horror movies and i adore exotic eats...sushi. i love sushi. movies....Donnie Darko. LOTR....anything with a good story. The Nightmare Before Christmas, Miayzaki & other occasional anime The six things I could never do without.... 1. my alienware laptop 2. WoW 3. a sketchbook 4. a pet 5. Laughter 6. Being able to make my own decisions...and ren faires....where else can you hire a professional insulter or watch The Mud Show? I bought a corset this year. I look great in it. On a typical Friday night I am... watching Heroes on Scifi or the Chiller channel and playing wow....or maybe traveling to LARP with friends across the state of florida to watch total strangers dress in costumes and act out a character in a scenario....entertaining. Highly entertaining. Catch me on Wow on Thorium Brotherhood as Tamurilsere or Burning Legion as Natulcien.....or AIM/GCHAT as Rathjinn or yahoo as Raebug2000...whew im all over the net! Saturdays are spent going to the movies! "Quite simply, you are You... nothing more, nothing less: secure, confident, fun-loving, intellectually curious, articulate, and constantly seeking enlightenment. You don't make excuses for who you are. You seek momentous meetings and are open to the possibility of anything and everything. You are equal parts 'not sure of my place in this world' and 'loving the journey and where it is taking me'. You love Life, and you travel through this world with the Knowing that Life loves you right back just as much....."-QuirkyAloneit's simple and precise.perfect. Please, also be honest about being single.

Picture Picture....

This is me donning a corset. Yes, I am well endowed. This picture was taken by Rebecca Crumb.

Pony Girl

Rachel's Believe it or Not........this has nothing to do with sex. Someone is thinking...well, of course it does. Allow me to insist it has more to do with loathing and my own self image rather than sex. Also, do not misread this. This is not about my loathing, my loathing my own self image or anything like that. The loathing has to do with being forced to perform rather like a trick pony. Sometimes I feel like that trick pony when people who employ me force me to do this to make themselves look good or feel better about themselves...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Self Portrait

This self portrait is inspired by a drawing done by Arthur Rackham. I didn't have a cat at the time but I did have a ball python named Ka.
I still own my good and evil shoes....
As I post this I am in Alexandria VA. I am moving to Maryland soonish...I wonder where this is taking me. I'm getting De Ja Vu more ofte and it kinda bothers me that through all my tribulations and trials and hard times ....this is the track I'm supposed to be on?
I think it will be good for me. New people and new places with a fresh start.... I wonder what will happen...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I <3 Cons.

This person was in a full furry suit at Animae Super Con in Miami and it looked so awesome! I just wanted to cuddle him so much! ^^

Monday, February 23, 2009