Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Empress

I had fun doing the background. More symbolism here. The fruit = Fertility and womanhood. The Heart = Feminity. The Braid = Feminity and Complexity. The Crossed fingers = women can not be trusted and yes, that was intentional.

Ace of Cups

I know I know it's upside down. However, look at the birds. They arent. The Ace of Cups symbolizes longing. Longing for what? I think the most important thing people long for is freedom. Not freedom as in Abraham Lincoln but freedom from themselves and the expectations of society and the world. The long to be part and belong and feel connected and thus the feathers tied to the wolf. Not alot of people feel connected anymore so they go to extraordinary lengths to incorporate themselves into anything that will take them. For some it is drugs or gangs. For me it is my art and in that I feel connected.


This is the Death Card. The wheat ear he is holding is a Muslim superstition in that horses who have the wheat ear on their chest ( the way the hair grows ) is usually a sign of bad luck. Also, wheat and the autumn leaves signify in general the closing of the year and harvest time. Harvest time ( typically October ) holds one of the greatest traditions for spirits aka All Hallows Eve. The symbol on the flag is from a traditional Waite Tarot deck. I thought the skull with the live wolf body was important to show. I may touch up the fur later but I am overall very pleased with this.