Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sca Awards II

This stairs idea is borrowed from a Hellboy comic. I liked the way the stairs were portrayed in a twisting fashion so i borrowed the idea and added my own spin. The text tranlates as " Down into the Abyss"

The demon is borrowed from an issue of Spectrum. I thought it was well done and wanted to see if I could produce the same results. I was successful in acheiving what i wanted. The text translates as " now the tears come". Note the missing shoe and the patched bag on his hip. He hasn't been very lucky and well now his umbrella is on fire.

The dragon is borrowed from a book called Images in the Margins by Margot McIlwain Nishimura. It's about illumination and all the little imagary inbetween that may be overlooked.He came out well. Some of the white paint is tainted by the Burgandy paint i used....not because I mixed it intentionally but because the pigment was so strong.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011